Customer Comments

     For over 25 years, professional musicians and students have chosen Mooradian Gig Bags.       Our customers continue to be the best source of information if you are looking for a new musical instrument cover. These are just some of the comments our customers have written us:

    “I have been using the Mooradian bass cover for over 10 years and

     I must say that the Mooradian bass cover is the most durable bass

     cover I have ever owned...and i've owned quiet a few !! The weight

     is just right, the thickness prevents most nicks and dings that seem

     to always find the bass, and the handles are in the perfect location

     for carrying. I highly recommend this cover to any and all bassists.”


                                                                                             Ron Carter

    “I think Mooradian covers are really well designed, light, and

     very protective. I always recommend your covers to my   

     students and any others who ask.”                      

                                                            Ed Barker

                                                            Boston Symphony Orchestra

    “I have received the case you custom made for me. Even though

     you never saw my bass, the case is a perfect fit. The carrying

     handle we discussed is very well placed. I can now carry my bass

     down the street without having to give my best imitation of a

     miner’s walk. THank you for an excellent product! Also, thanks

     again for this generous donation to the ISB.”


                                                                                            Parvin Smith, Bassist

                                                                              Oklahoma City Philharmonic